About the Campaign: 

Ban the Box NJ is a statewide advocacy campaign to mobilize political support for The Opportunity to Compete Act. This bill, commonly referred to as Ban the Box, will be discussed in the New Jersey Assembly’s Law and Public Safety Committee in early May. The purpose of this campaign is to show legislators and residents of New Jersey the many benefits of this bill. If passed, this bill will ask employers to conduct criminal background checks after an applicant has been interviewed and has received a condition offer for employment. In doing so, the hiring process for all residents is fairer.

Beyond creating a fairer hiring process for applicants, this bill has further positive implications. For one, passing this bill will enhance the economy because it opens doors for employment. Furthermore, this bill improves public safety by reducing the recidivism rate, which would also lead the government to spend less money on corrections and law enforcement.

Because of its many benefits, our mission is to tirelessly advocate for the passing of this bill. All New Jersey residents deserve a fair opportunity to compete for work; and all residents deserve an enhanced economy and improved public safety.

Join the movement, and create a better New Jersey today.


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